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We Are Roane Ink LLC Publishing

We are a team of passionate writers who love to share stories with the world. Our first publication was released at the beginning of 2016 and since then we have added a children's title to our collection of works. We are currently also working on another book which will be released soon. Check out our other titles we have on offer!

Our Books

Authors Janice Roane and Ripley Roane Jr. recreate a fictional but factual journey of five Louisiana boys who come of age as the United States enters WWII after the Pearl Harbor attack. Their stories give a glimpse of small-town life in the early forties, following each boy as he meets his destiny. Visual, detailed words of the authors compel the reader to enter the carnage of war, the pain, and emotions of each boy and the ultimate entrance into adulthood. Carefree days turn into anxious days as the reader follows each boy along his path to death or victory. Both the Pacific Theatre and the European Theatre are graphic in nature but present a lifelike vision of WWII. The reader is lulled in the beginning of the novel by the pastoral imagery of the small community. The in-depth characterization of John, Jesse, Willard, and Sunny Boy allows the reader to engross themselves within each character acting out the lives of these individuals, in exuberance. The Authors are direct descendants of the warriors who became the Greatest Generation.
I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.
-Invictus, William Ernest Henley


Crazy Cat finds a home in this new children's tale about a small kitten who finds a home! Crazy Cat has many adventures coming up. Join us in learning how Crazy Cat becomes the most interesting cat that ever lived. This children's book series is fun and has many learning concepts for children. It offers really deep illustrations and fun storytelling.


Rose, the Acadie Fairy Princess is a fantasy story about a young girl turning thirteen who finds she has unexplainable powers. Rose and her dog Gabriel set out on the adventure of their lives to save a lost Acadian world using her gifts. Readers will learn about early life, culture and every day activities that the Acadian people adapted for their life in the new world of Louisiana. Rose, Evangeline, Patrique, and Gabriel must use each of their powers to defeat a evil oil baron and evade the Feu Follet, the evil Acadie Fairy. Readers will also experience the thrill of adventure againist Sooie, and time ticking away to solve the problem of her people and safely return home. With an adventure that will leave readers breathless, Rose, the Acadie Fairy Princess will invoke love, friendship and happiness that competes against a world trying to deplete an ancient culture. The story of good againist evil is captured by the writer and leaves an indelible mark of realization that good can still conquer all. Family plays a significant factor in understanding the emotions that are weaved into the fabric of this story. It is a story that can be enjoyed not only by young adults but also by parents.


For our readers who are not from the Cajun Country, a Fais Do-Do is a Cajun dance party featuring Cajun bands playing accordions, fiddles, and washboards. The songs consist of Cajun French music. Its origin came from parents needing to bring their babies to the dance. The word Do Do is pronounced, "dough dough" because the older relatives and the music lulled the babies to sleep. In the "Parc aux petits" which is a room in the back of the dance hall, meant to isolate the babies from the noise and allow the parents to "Laissez les bon temps rouler," let the good times roll, the babies sleep while the parents dance all night!


Coming Soon! The Wicked Hurricane. Release Date 07/28/2017! Book soon to be available for pre-order on Amazon! Looking forward to continuing the journey of Rose, the Acadie Fairy princess! Check out our leaked photo. This haunting photo is sure to ignite a world of possibilities. What's behind this ghost? Check out the pre-order coming soon and get yourself a copy of this book! And if you haven't already checked out, Rose, the Acadie Fairy Princess, click the link above! Plenty of options to read it! Got an ipad, kindle or e-reader, we got you covered! Don't want to pay for hardcover, we have paperback version as well.  


Whats behind this Ghost?





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